Problems We Solve

Problems We Solve

Determining if a case has merit—before you start

Before you take a medical malpractice or nursing home case, you need a preliminary assessment of its merit.

We offer skilled, trained nurses to take this clinical look at records for you and give you back an honest opinion of case events and potential breaches in care that occurred, noting any potential weaknesses so you can fully evaluate the findings.

This helps you get those cases evaluated in an efficient way to help you expedite decisions on cases you decide to take on –moving with records requests and a full review of the case or declining. If a case lacks merit, you can reevaluate your strategy without wasting more time and money.

Medical Case Evaluation: Have the Facts, Get a Better Outcome.

Knowing the facts in the medical records will help you understand the case issues, enable you to better represent your client, and save you and your staff time and effort in getting a full understanding of your cases.

Our team of nurses review medical records, providing top-notch litigation support and medical insight to ensure the full medical story is told. In getting a thoroughly researched and detailed medical case evaluation report with substantiated facts, you will have the facts to make your case.

The answers are in the medical records and we will find them.

Before a plaintiff attorney takes a medical malpractice or nursing home case, we can give you a preliminary assessment of its merit. If a case lacks merit, you can reevaluate your strategy without investing more time and money.

Paige Legal Nurse Medical Case Evaluation and Record Analysis

Our concise analysis on personal injury cases are crucial to building your case. We explain strengths and weaknesses related to liability, causation, and damages; identify missing records, causation and prognosis statements, inconsistencies in the records and an injury list noting new or aggravated conditions.

Creating Timelines

A Legal Nurse Consultant sifts through the records to create a timeline of critical events that can serve as a working document throughout the case. The timeline can be a valuable guide to the medical record for your expert as it contains facts only and where to find the facts in the medical record, assisting them in a timelier review.

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