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Have the Medical Facts, Get a Better Outcome.

We provide medical merit reviews for attorneys to provide an honest and open opinion about the case.

Our team of nurses review medical records, providing top-notch litigation support and medical insight to ensure the full medical story is told.  In getting a thoroughly researched, and detailed medical case evaluation report with substantiated facts you will have the facts to make your case.

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Do you have medical questions or are looking for expert medical help?  We can help.

Determining Medical Facts

We are dedicated to helping plaintiff legal firms determine the medical facts for medical malpractice, personal injury, and nursing home negligence cases.  Our staff has worked in the American medical system and has the expertise and skills to examine medical records, review cases for standards of care, and calculate future medical care and associated costs.   


Christie has reviewed our clients’ records and prepared summary reports for over three years now. She is professional, detailed oriented and her work product is outstanding. She helps lawyers like myself better understand the medicine and procedures involved in our clients’s injuries. Her guidance is extremely helpful in preparing our cases and arguing damages. On top of everything else, her personality is fantastic and working together is a pleasure. Money well spent is an understatement when it comes to Christie’s services.

Drew Baker, Baker Law Group


Determining Merit for a Case:

Merit reviews: When you get those new cases on your desk, how do you determine if there is a case worth pursuing? We give you an initial review of your case, looking for possible breaches of care and a concise description of those breaches of care. Our skilled, trained nurses will provide the clinical review of the records, and give you back an honest opinion of case events and potential breaches in care that occurred, noting any potential weaknesses so you can fully evaluate the findings.

Medical Case Evaluation: Have the Facts, Get a Better Outcome.

Knowing the facts in the medical records will help you, the attorney, understand the case issues, better represent your client, and save you and your staff time and effort.

Our team of nurses review medical records, providing top-notch litigation support and medical insight to ensure the full medical story is told. In getting a thoroughly researched and detailed medical case evaluation report with substantiated facts, you will have the facts to make your case.

The answers are in the medical records and we will find them.

Analyzing medical records

A comprehensive review and analysis of medical records in nursing home, injury, or medical cases is an integral part of what we do. Each case has a story to tell the jury and having the facts and evidence-based standards substantiated by a Paige Legal Nurse consultant builds your case and helps you achieve a better outcome.

There are many details often overlooked by others who are not used to specifically deciphering the medical jargon and familiar with the proper procedures and standards of care. Our legal nurse consultants address the standards of care, along with any pre-existing conditions that may have an impact on your case. We prepare comprehensive medical case reports for you that identify and explain the case issues at hand and their importance to your case.

Timelines of critical events that can serve as a working document throughout the case can be very beneficial. However, not every detail needs to go on the timeline. Knowing the crucial and important information to use on building your timeline is essential. The timelines built can also be a valuable guide to the medical record for your expert as it can be adjusted to contain only facts and reference data on where to find the facts in the medical record, assisting them in a timelier review.

Nursing Home Case Review

Nursing home case records typically arrive in a jumbled, disorganized mess, making the review of records more difficult. Depending on the number of records you get before you have even decided if it is a case you are taking, it may be beneficial for us to sort and organize them. This will expedite the review of records to help you find information needed to evaluate if breaches of care occurred.

Nursing home cases typically involve falls, missed or improperly treated infection and sepsis development, or pressure injury development. It is not as simple as seeing if the nurse has documented a fall or the development of abnormal resident presentation or if a new pressure injury was identified. There are many areas that need to be analyzed and looked at in each of these scenarios.

Medical Malpractice

Examples of medical negligence include the surgery performed on the wrong body part, wrong procedure being performed, unnecessary surgery, surgical errors, objects retained during surgery, failure to understand or recognize symptoms, patient suicide, and typically any type of event that should never take place in a medical facility under any circumstance.

When reviewing any case for medical  malpractice, our team of nurses at Paige Legal Nurse can clearly identify violations in the standard of care and resulting injuries caused by the negligence.

Permanency of injuries is also reviewed with life care planning or medical cost projection available as well.

Personal Injury Medical Case Evaluation

Concise analysis on personal injury cases are crucial to building your case. In your injury cases, we are able to explain strengths and weaknesses related to liability, causation, and damages. Also important, we identify inconsistencies in the records and create an injury list, noting new or aggravated pre-existing conditions as well as identify missing records that may be beneficial to request for all information needed.

Let us help you sort through the mass of records in your cases. Call now for a Case Strategy conversation on your cases.

Christie Paige


As Owner and lead consultant, Christie has over 27 years of hospital experience in a variety of specialties; I am still actively practicing Nursing to bring a current, up-to-date perspective to cases including Medical, Surgical, Labor & Delivery, Endoscopy, Day Surgery, IV therapy, Orthopedics, and Geriatric Nursing.